What compulsory events are taking place before the Namibia trip?

Events are to be confirmed for IN NAM ’23 cohort.


What is the terrain like in Namibia – and how should we be preparing?

The Namibian terrain is flat, and made up of sand and gravel – and there are also strong winds at times.

Leg strength is important, so make sure you do hill training and steps. Spinning classes are also good.

When running, train off-road and on grass as much as possible.


What kit should we be buying?

Kit recommendations can be viewed here.

Along with the kit recommendations, make sure you have short toe nails and your equipment is in good condition. Trail shoes or trainers should not be worn down for the Namibia trip (there are apps which you can download which notify you if your shoes need to be replaced).  Gloves are also recommended for mountain biking. Purchase comfortable gloves – inexpensive ones are fine. e.g. Decathlon.


What about nutrition?

Meals, drinks and sports nutrition will be provided in Namibia. How you nourish and hydrate your body on the days leading up to Namibia will affect how comfortable you are during and after the trip. Do research and practice with foods, energy bars and hydration. Everyone has different nutritional requirements.


Why is there a compulsory event of a hike with a 15kg backpack?

In Namibia there will be two days of hiking up and down the Brandberg mountain. During these days you will be required to carry a 15kg backpack filled with water, food and essentials – including a fleece and running tights (sleepover when you reach the top of the mountain). On the hike you will also be provided with a walking stick for stability. The compulsory hike event is to get used to carrying a heavy backpack.


Is a full marathon in April too close to Namibia to recover?

There will be no time limit on the full marathon in April. We want you to complete it and feel comfortable doing so. Completing a full marathon close to the trip will keep you fresh for Namibia, and focused.


What happens if COVID-19 causes travel restrictions in 2023?

We will be monitoring the situation in the lead-up to the trip. We remain positive that it will be safe to travel and participate.