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23rd May 2022

To all of the participants: Congratulations on immense success in Namibia, especially in such an unpredictable world, your determination and bravery is admirable!

Henry - I am immensely proud of you for your dedication to this journey over the past several years. You inspire me and I hope we can one day revisit your steps in Namibia together!


Kaitlin C
23rd May 2022

Congrats to the 2020 IN NAM team and specifically to Jonathan, Lenn and Steven of INEOS Oxide!
Enjoy the rest of this unique experience.

Mieke Ostyn
23rd May 2022

Well done guys, so proud of you. Enjoy.

Nigel Potter
20th May 2022

Well done to everyone for completing the challenging week, its such an acheivement and you guys should all be so proud of yourselves. It's brought back alot of memories chatting to the Grangemouth Grads in preparation and now reading the blogs and seeing the photos. Well deserved beers to celebrate!!!

Jennifer Niblo
20th May 2022

Well done everyone! What an adventure! You have all done so well

Malcolm Houston
20th May 2022

Great achievement all. Well done. I am looking forward to first person recounts of the trips and perhaps a slide show. Enjoy the downtime you have before the routine starts again.
Awo see you next week fully recharged I hope.

Stuart Gordon
20th May 2022

Chapeau was ihr geleistet habt! Dieses Erlebnis wird euer Team zusammenschweißen.

Grüße aus Dorsten NRW Germany

Radioman Andy
20th May 2022

Very inspirational! Just goes to show what you can achieve with a little bit of focus and tenacity.

Rich Nice
20th May 2022

Tolle Veranstaltung
Tolles Team
Wünsche Euch vieeelll Kraft und Energie!!!! Kommt alle gesund wieder.
Viel Erfolg

Nurhayat Yigiter
20th May 2022

Proficiat aan alle deelnemers, jullie beleefden een onvergetelijke ervaring. Ivan, wij zijn supertrots op jou. You did it!!!

Luc en Magd
20th May 2022

It was great following you every day - great achievement for all of you!
Have a safe trip back home.
@Sophia and Marietta: looking forward to listening to you!

Deborah Schmitz
20th May 2022

And you made it!! It just goes to show what you can achieve when you "take those brakes off" in your head, believe, train hard in all weathers, persevere through thick and thin and support each other. Huge admiration for you all. As to the sand comment - it is a desert after all!

Annie Collins
20th May 2022

Amazing achievement all of you, congratulations! Enjoy your hard earned celebrations this evening

Allison Crawford
19th May 2022

Well done to all of you! This is a great team effort and we are very proud of you. Just keep on going and you will achieve your personal objectives.

Best wishes to all of you.

Tobias Hannemann
19th May 2022

WOW! Cant wait to hear the stories, triumphs, and experience. We knew y’all would finish , enjoy your accomplishments! Us old INNAM veterans are so proud to see our teams hard work pay off.

-Sophie and Savory, INNAM 2019 and Ambassadors for 2020 and 2021 group.

INNAM 2019 Ambassadors
19th May 2022

What an adventure we get to undertake vicariously through your wonderful blogs and photos! Stay in the moment and stay healthy!

Pete Train
19th May 2022

Great photo from the top of the mountain and great to hear the progress so far. Well done to everyone for what you have achieved so far and good luck for the final part of your epic adventure. You all deserve a beer at the end of it!

Stuart Collings
19th May 2022

Thank you for the brilliantly descriptive blogs, and the photos are fantastic. Well done to the whole team you should be really proud, as we are of you.

Jill Dolan
19th May 2022

Hi all

The next group of graduates are eagerly reading the blogs, slightly apprehensive but raring to go now and get stuck in to the adventure of a lifetime. They are keen to prove to themselves what they can achieve, as you are doing now. Keep it up, the pictures are fantastic I even wish I was there!

Annie Collins
19th May 2022

Really enjoying reading the blog to keep in touch with your progress. It's an incredible challenge and it sounds like you're all totally smashing it! Please look after the giant camera man for me!

Jenny Strange
19th May 2022

To Scott

Good luck on your final day of your IN NAM challenge! Just think of the comfy bed and hot shower that will be waiting for you when you finish tonight!

We’re all so proud of you!

My only wish is that you get home in one piece on Sunday, or I’ll be forced to board that plane to Tenerife on Monday alone :)

Can’t wait to see you and hear all about your amazing adventure. Love Kayleigh and Dougie (aka pups) x

Kayleigh McArthur
19th May 2022

Hi Scott and all the team. Well done on all your hard work. Sorry pal but we lost out on penalties.

Ian Kenny
19th May 2022

One day left in this journey. You all are doing amazing! Just one final push. The remaining is unforgettable memories last a lifetime.

Cheers from Houston!!

Dieu Ngo
19th May 2022

Keep the blogs coming and keep going, enjoy!

19th May 2022

What a pleasure to see you are all doing well, I admire your tenacity and wish you all the vest in this unique event

Ghislain Decadt
19th May 2022

Ik ben elke dag virtueel aan het supporteren, enorm fijn om de blog te kunnen lezen en te weten dat jullie allemaal een fantastisch avontuur beleven. Ik ben nu al enorm trots op de doelen die je hebt bereikt! Geniet van elke minuut en ik ben benieuwd naar alle fijne verhalen die je mee naar huis gaat nemen.

19th May 2022

Dear IN NAM-Team,

Respect for your incredible achievement - together and as a team you can do anything! You have trained for so long and we hope all of you will now be rewarded with unforgettable memories for your perseverance!

Marietta, we are so proud of you!

Your family
18th May 2022

Thank you all for the excellent daily blog updates. Very well written to convey the physical experience and the marvels you are seeing and living.
Kudos to INEOS for making this possible!
Cheering you on from Massachusetts,USA

Shaw and Sharon Lively
18th May 2022

So glad to see everyone doing well and getting the opportunity to enjoy this experience after waiting for so long.

We're following y'all on the blog and wishing you the best in this adventure!

John Caffey, you're doing us old guys proud. (grin)

Finish Strong....

Clayton Marcelle
18th May 2022

Doing incredible! So impressed by everyone's determination! Such an achievement and memories made forever! AL you got this! ;)

Sylvia Dewar
18th May 2022

Ru, on to the final push now!! SO proud of you, keep going. T-4 days until the biggest face smooshes from Cal. Can't wait to see you and hear all about it.

Lots of love,

Jenny and Cal X

Jenny Martin
18th May 2022

Loving reading the blog - proud of you all!

Liz Rittweger
18th May 2022

Well done all of you, and a shout out to the Grangemouth Grads. Fantastic blog and photos. Hope you are all having the best experience. Keep up the great teamwork. These are memories to last a lifetime

Karen Fleming
18th May 2022

Fantastic event organized by INEOS. Following your blog, it brings back a lot of memories back to the time I travelled in the Kaokoveld myself. Just a bit North West of the Brandberg area towards Angola. I wish everyone maximum experience by best health. Special regards and extra strenght to Marietta a fine member of the INEOS GuD team in Cologne.

Michael Goth
18th May 2022

Proud of you. Stay tough and enjoy.

Patrick Giefers
18th May 2022

Hi grads!

Really love reading about your adventures. The Puff adder, Longi Pools and Snake Cave of the assent day sound amazing and I love the description of the sunrise and teamwork on the way back down. What an experience. Good luck with the marathon today. It'll be tough but sounds like you are banding together to get everyone over the line. Great teamwork and awesome storytelling.
Loving the group photo at the top!

Andrena Massie
18th May 2022

Enjoy every minute Abi, what an amazing experience, congrats on Brandberg mountain! Stay safe, keep smiling and push through the pain to achieve your goals.

Andy Nelson
18th May 2022

We're cheering you on from the virtual sidelines! Go Marietta!! :)

18th May 2022

18. Mai 2022
Liebe Marietta, hallo Team NAM2022, herzlichen Glückwunsch einfach nur großartig, super Team, gemeinsam habt Ihr was ganz Besonderes erreicht. Wir sind stolz auf Euch. Für die nächste Herausforderung wünschen wir viel Glück, bleibt sicher.
„WIR SCHAFFEN DAS“ - Grüße vom GuD Team Köln

Conny Abels
18th May 2022

Almost done, congrats everyone!

Sara James
18th May 2022

Hi, all,

It's so good, you finally made it to Namibia, despite the hassle of the last couple of years.

Enjoy every minute of this once-in-a-lifetime experience and remember: no human is limited.

All the best for you, take care of yourself and each other.

Anne-Gret Iturriaga
18th May 2022

Good Luck to all the team out there. In particular, to my brother Campbell -just remember to think of Baba O'Riley when the legs get tired. Look forward to buying you a well deserved pint when you're home!

Brogan McFadden
17th May 2022

Congratulations everyone (particularly Grangemouth Polymer grads Scott and Ruaridh) on reaching the top of Brandberg and hope the bodies aren't too sore! Fantastic experience and enjoy the rest of the challenge.

Rob Fergie
17th May 2022

"Your body can do anything! It's just your brain that you have to convince."

17th May 2022

To our Cologne heroines Marietta and Sophia and all the other mentality monsters: We are damn proud of you! Don't give up and try to love it! :-P

The old Cologne InNam veterans
17th May 2022

Quick word for Campbell, sending you our thoughts ! We look forward to hearing your stories, we'll do that over a team barbecue and beers ;-) Go go go, Campbell.

17th May 2022

Hi everyone in the team, big challenge, fantastic team members, exceptional environment and landscape. Enjoy every day as it will build fantastic memories. Go team NAM2022! Good luck and stay safe.

Axel Goehrt
17th May 2022

Hi guys, great that you made the Brandberg mountain, that's a super achievement! We envy you for your great experience, make the most out of it. Greetings from Cologne and keep your spirits high!

Johanna Pauly
17th May 2022

Campbell , best of luck to you and all your team…. Enjoy the wonderful experience, looking forward to hearing all about your challenge , stay safe
Love Mum x

17th May 2022

I wish I was there! It is an amazing opportunity and an experience that you will always remember. Enjoy ever second, every step and turn of the pedal!

Richard Longden