Day 6: 31 May 2022

Two Englishman a Scotsman and an American cycle 330km to a bar……..

Accompanied by a stellar cohort of INEOS Grads and Execs, Mercedes finest, Britannia’s Truck & Trailer, as well as the finest coaches from NN running and OGC Nice.

The final day arrived out of nowhere! A half marathon to start followed by Dust devils, Rhino tracks, 35 degree heat, and the steepest hills in Namibia.

Everyone has completed every single step and we couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve all achieved.

Thanks to every member of the enormous team who pulled this trip together and thanks to everyone who has messaged and followed our blog.

Special thanks to Phill, Lloyd, Jane, Frank, Pat, Johan, and Paul.

Ben, hopefully, we provided the content you need.

Cheers 🍻

Cammy Sneddon, Dan Cranstone, Jacob Dossett, & Michael Mullaney

Day 5: 30 May 2022

The hardest day of the 42km trail run is complete and everyone is in good spirits, with a springbok cheering squad halfway. The last 7km was a sandy climb that took teamwork to pull everyone through. The lunch tent rewarded us until it was time to jump back on the bike to loosen up our stiff legs. We started with a rocky descent flying downhill like the springbok until a final sand grind got us into Save the Rhino camp where cold beer greeted us. We are fueling ourselves for the last day tomorrow, and are sad to see it pass so quickly.

Sara James, Steven Gommers, and Nick Jacobs

Day 4: 29 May 2022

After a cool, dark start to the morning, the team quickly ascended from base camp to the top of the Brandberg mountain. We all made it to the top to see a stunning Namibian sunrise. After a great photo opportunity, the team stopped for breakfast and then descended the mountain. It was quite technical, however, everyone made it down prior to sunset without injury. We are all prepared for a big day tomorrow!

Kaitlyn Drew, Stuart Paterson, Torge Puhlmann

Day 3: 28 May 2022

Brandberg mountain, what a better way to start a Saturday morning than a 21k up the highest mountain of Namibia.

Everyone arrived punctually thanks to Phil’s firm advice, promptly at 5:45, ready to go. Moral was high, fatigue was low, this was then to change through the course of the day. The processing of lights slowly started to move up in ant like fashion. The first section of the mountain was a slog with a mixture of heavy sand, big rocks and glass like granite. It got serious very quickly to the point where we were following a trail of fresh IN NAM ’21 blood (no INEOS graduates were seriously harmed).

As everyone’s effort increased and light prevailed over the looming mountain, it was pleasing to see the camp already far away in the distance.

After a good sweat under the sun we enjoyed a short break at the view point where we could grasp an understanding of what our effort had achieved, having a great view over the desert, our camp now being a tiny point at the bottom of the mountain.

As we arrived at lunch the heat was diminished by a quick dip in the Longi pools. Lunch was then abruptly interrupted by another steep ascent to reach the paintings in the Python cave.

It was evident to see that the Picasso of bushmen had climbed the Brandberg, many many years ago. Joking apart, this incredible heritage was amazing to look at.

The last part before camp seemed neverending and every one dug deep to cover the last kilometer. The full flock arrived into camp together, led by shepherd Jenson.

Everyone settled in, finding their nest on either hard rocks of softer sand.

We could enjoy a well deserved stretching session led by Jane and ending up with a salute to the sun as it set behind the mountain.. and the temperature dropped. It is well layered up that the graduates enjoyed their well deserved dinner. Darkness then spread over camp, sending everyone to their sleeping bags under the stars.

Another great challenging day for us all!

Elfie Mechaussie and Jenson More

Day 2: 27 May 2022

Day two started with the half marathon early morning where we enjoyed good weather and a beautiful sunrise.

After we all made it to the transition, we headed out on our bikes for an afternoon of fun in the sand. IN NAM 2021 love sand!

After everyone made it back to camp in record time we freshened up in the amazing showers (the camp does not get enough air time – shout out to all the support staff). We then got our bags ready for the ascent up the Brandberg. Challenge on!

P.S. The animal sighting of the day was an armoured cricket 🙂

Keisha Benjamin, Dylan Crawley and Monika Jurcic


Day 1: 26 May 2022

A surprising cold, misty, grey start. Some of us thought we were back in Scotland! 65 African kilometres to go. It wasn’t long before the sun burned its way through the last of the clouds and we were enjoying the sun. Already some interesting sunburn patterns!

First 37km mountain biking was smooth sailing, then we hit the heat and the sand, testing all of our unclipping capabilities- some unsuccessfully with plenty of tumbles. But we made it to the top of the hill and our first proper rest stop. Able to cool down with a bit of a breeze, a cold drink and our first team photo.

The rest of the ride picked up as we let some air out of our tyres, and with a lot of concentration on choosing the right line through the sand, started to get a bit more used to the terrain. But we were soon contending with the afternoon Namibian sun.

Eventually, we saw the camp in the distance, with the landscape changing as we got closer to the mountains. And day 1 was done. Everyone rolled home and a cold beer never tasted so good!

Lynn Calder, Caitlyn Beeghly and Max Franken

25 May 2022

Today the IN NAM ’21 cohort arrived safely in Namibia – ready to take on the desert!

From the bustling Heathrow airport to disembarking straight onto the tarmac with only one other prop plane in sight!

The poor Americans, with around 36 hours of travel and 3 flights. But we were treated to a night in a real bed for the last time in a while. Everyone slept like a rock with the Atlantic waves lulling us to sleep in a false sense of comfort, given what was ahead.