Compulsory Activities

Compulsory Activities

Date Activity
Summer 2022 Advice on initial self- training. e.g. couch to 5K/10K etc
27th July 2022 First IN NAM presentation: Topics to be confirmed
11th September 2022 Antwerp Half Marathon or Relay Marathon (mixed distances) (Europe / UK)
30th October 2022 Houston Half Marathon or 10KM (US)
5th – 9th December 2022

10th – 14th December 2022

Lanzarote Training Weekend Group 1 (Yr 2021)

Lanzarote Training Weekend Group 2 (Yr 2022)

Between January – April 2023 10km undulating terrain hike with a 15kg backpack (Europe / UK)
15th January 2023

18th – 19th February 2023

Chevron Houston Marathon (US)

Weekender Castell Grind 100km MTB and a half marathon (US)

31st March – 2nd April 2023

19th  March 2023

Beginning April

10km Hike with 15kg backpack in Guadalupe Mountains National Park  (US)

Barcelona Marathon (Europe / UK)

80km Mountain Bike Weekender (Europe / UK organised locally)

30th April – 8th May 2023

12th May – 20th May

24th May – 1st June

Group 1 Namibia

Group 2 Namibia

Group 3 Namibia