Previous graduates experience in a nutshell

Keen to find out how previous graduates felt after the Namibia challenge?

“A truly life changing event. It is not just the 6 days of the event itself, but a hard year of training leading up to it that forces a step change in fitness and instils a new perspective on physical and mental challenges.” Paul Brown, IN NAM 2017 graduate

“The IN NAM challenge was a life changing experience that has helped me learn that you can’t control and plan for everything. You just have to accept the things you can’t control and adapt to them, to the best of your abilities. I now enjoy adventures and seek opportunities to explore new experiences, as it is through these experiences that we grow.’’ Kathryn Smith, IN NAM 2018 graduate

“IN NAM is the ultimate experience to push yourself and expand your comfort zone. The challenge taught me a lot about myself personally and about my ability to excel as part of a team. These life lessons add value every day going forward.” Kristof Boydens, IN NAM Graduate 2018

‘’A once in a life-time experience – that’s the only way to describe In-Nam. The week is unlike anything I had done before and whilst I’ve taken part in marathons and triathlons since, nothing will come close to matching the such an epic week in the desert.” Lewis Ankers, IN NAM Graduate 2018

“It is not every day that you get the opportunity to travel to one of the most remote, yet beautiful places on the planet with friends and colleagues from around the globe. It is not every day that you get the opportunity to push yourself and a team physically and mentally to collectively achieve a feat that very few people could ever truly comprehend. It is not every day that you get the opportunity to learn an immense amount about yourself – what you are truly capable of – and build relationships that will endure a career, if not a lifetime. INEOS and the IN NAM Challenge provide the opportunity, you just have to take it.” Michael Savory, IN NAM Graduate 2019

‘’The IN NAM challenge takes you on such a personal journey of growth and resilience – it taught me that the biggest obstacle to physical challenges is your mental attitude and commitment. The lessons IN NAM taught me aren’t just useful for the new sporting challenges I’m throwing myself into, but they’ve also now shaped my approach to work and life in general!’’ Sophie Stanton, IN NAM Graduate 2019