Phone Meeting Summaries

26th August 2017

Attendees –

Fred Michel, John Mayock, Annie Collins, Mark Johnson, Tim Avery, Jennifer Niblo, Kevin Herndon, Bart De Ceuster, Dougie Gordon and Graduates.


Summary of call –

  1. IN-NAM 18 management team

John Mayock – Director GO Run For Fun Projects. John will be leading the development of training advice and events to help you all progress on this journey.

Fred Michel – INEOS Sports Manager. He will be working John to coordinate the events, and will provide training advice.

Gregg Hughes & Phill Steffny –  InNam 18 guides / expedition coordinators.


Support team

Jill Dolan – Group HR director

Annie Collins – HR Director

Dougie Gordon – Group HR graduate

Pete Train – HR Director O&P USA

Mark Johnson – HR Manager O&P USA

Tim Avery – CFO O&P USA

Charlie Brown – INEOS Capital (project administrator)



Dr Fred Wadsworth – Doctor and elite performance nutritionist. He will be providing medical and nutritional advice. He will be working with John to provide health and well-being advice.

Gerard Hartmann –one of the world’s most successful sports physical therapists. He will be attending the combined event in Lanzarote to provide tips and advice on injury prevention and how to train to succeed in this challenge.


IN-NAM 17 Ambassadors

Bart De Ceuster (Antwerp), Kevin Herndon (Houston) and Jennifer Niblo (Grangemouth).


  1. The Action plan / milestones to be completed.

The purpose of the action plan is to break training for Namibia into small achievable goals such that you remain motivated. Completing these milestones will ensure you are in great shape for the trip. It is also important from a safety point of view that the milestones are completed.

Milestones Timeframe Comments
Obtain signed medical certificate from GP Task completed before beginning of November
INEOS Organised Combined Activity event – Lanzarote Dates set for 2nd to 6th November
INEOS Organised marathon – Seville Dates set for 25th  February To be completed in around 5 hours
1 x Reputable marathon Between now and April Guidance to be provided on next call. Graduates are responsible to arranging themselves
1 x Mountain Bike Event Between now and April

Training with friends / colleagues at your site will make it easier but there is nothing to stop you doing it on your own.  The fitness team are here to help you every step of the way. They are also happy to edit training plans on the IN-NAM18 site to fit with your needs.

Evidence of completion will be required for the 2 non INEOS organised events you decide to take part in. Guidance / event suggestions will be provided on the next call. 


  1. Lanzarote Training Weekend

The aim of the Lanzarote weekend is to give you a flavour of what to expect in Namibia as well as to get you bonding as a team early. It is not a competition and we would like those who are fitter to help those less so complete the event  (much like in Namibia).

As per the attached itinerary the event will include running, biking and hiking across 4 days.  This is based on the feedback provided by the grads last year (who indicated a combined event would be good training), and the advice of Gregg and Phill.

We recognise there will be a range of abilities and we want to ensure that the event is safe so please be aware changes to the itinerary may occur.  The first day will be about getting to know  you all individually and will help us to assign you into groups and decide on distances and technicality of routes.

Nirvana – the sports company we are using to organise this event –  have done many of these events before and so are well equipped to tailor the routes to our needs.  They are also sorting transfers, accommodation (Fariones Playa hotel), bikes, guides, meals etc.


The following members of the INEOS management team will present in Lanzarote: Gerard Hartmann, Phill Steffny, Gregg Hughes, John Mayock, Fred Michel, Tim Avery, Bart De Ceuster and Kevin Herndon.


Kit list

A full kit list of what you need to bring will be posted on the IN-NAM 18 website and via the WhatsApp group.



All flights will be booked centrally for this trip by Charlie Brown.  If you have any questions please get in touch asap. Action complete

If you have not done so already please email her a scanned copy of your passport. Note you must have 6 months remaining post Lanzarote event.


You should also send Charlie your:

  • Height in cm to get right mountain bike size Action complete
  • Signed form from doctor by beginning of November – any issues, please contact Dougie Gordon
  • Signed disclaimer form by beginning of November


Time of work:

You will be given Friday 3rd and Monday 6th as extra holiday.

Graduates who have 30 or more vacation days per annum  (including  work time reduction days) will need to use these for any travel time required, I.E. Thursday 2nd.

Graduates with less than 30 days vacation per annum will not need to use their vacation days for travel time.


  1. Q&As

Q: Do we need to bring our own MTB pedals?

A: Clip in pedals will be provided for you. Please ensure you have had practice prior  to the event.


Q: When will we (US Grads) be flying out to Lanzarote – on the Tuesday evening?

A: Yes your flights will be late Tuesday –  you will be sent an email to confirm this shortly. The plan is for you attend work in the morning.


Q: Given that we will be trail running at the event, do we need to buy specific trail running shoes?

A: Regular shoes will be fine. You can find advice and tips on the IN-NAM 18 website.


  1. Recharging of Expenses – INEOS Organised events

You should claim for any expenses – travelling to the airport, snacks etc – via the usual method. Local businesses should then check these costs are reasonable and then recharge INEOS Group AG.

Address: INEOS Group AG

Avenue des Uttins, 3

1180 Rolle


VAT reg : CHE-406.440.724 TVA


Businesses should raise their invoices and add a copy of the expenses they would like to recharge.

They should indicate on the invoice: Namibia Graduates event 2018

*Original invoices are required.


Next graduate call:  19th October 3pm UK time.