As part of the training programme for Namibia, we will arrange a number of running and cycling events for participating graduates as goalposts in their preparation.

Please watch this space for further details of events, which you will be able to search by location below.


We also actively encourage graduates at each site to train together in local running/cycling/triathlon events- please keep in touch and let us know your progress.

Here are a number of links to event websites that will provide you with various distances and activities to help prepare for Namibia:

Great Run (UK):
Golazo (Europe):
Run Rock n Roll (USA):

Please note that the training team can help with entries to events listed with Great Run, Golazo and Run Rock N Roll.


Houston Marathon

Running: Chevron Houston Marathon

As a participant of the Chevron Houston Marathon, you will traverse your way through the streets of town centre, and will finish on the scenic waterway. It is almost completely flat and is known as one of the  fastest courses in Texas – expect to run a good time!

For more info please visit:


Barcelona Marathon

Running: Barcelona, Spain

As a participant in the Barcalona Marathon, you get to drink in the city’s historic atmosphere right from the beginning.

The route passes through some of the city’s most iconic monuments including works by the famous architect Gaudi, La Sagrada Familia and La Pedrera, as well as the Plaça d’Espanya and Camp Nou (for the football fans amongst you). The proximity of the route to the harbour / beach ensures that there will be a cool breeze to mask the springtime sun.

Please sign up at and notify John / Sophie once done.


Manchester Marathon

Running: Manchester Marathon

Manchester Marathon in Trafford, the sporting heart of Greater Manchester, to offer the North West a truly magnificent personal challenge. The Manchester Marathon is firmly established itself as one of Europe’s premier marathon events.


Please sign up at and notify John / Sophie once done.



Lanzarote: Training Weekend

Club La Santa – Club La Santa, Lanzarote

The pre-event in Lanzarote is a training opportunity for Graduates.

The trip has the following aims:

  • Preparation for Namibia; cycling / running / hiking
  • Mountain bike training
  • Recognise previously requested fitness levels
  • Team activity environment – non competitive

The weekend’s itinerary is as below:

Thursday 7th Nov –

  • TBC – Arrivals
  • 16:00 – MTB handling and safety
  • 17:00 – MTB
  • 19:00 – Welcome: Introduction to team & schedule
  • 20:00 – Dinner and welcome (El Lago)

Friday 8th Nov –

  • 07:00 – Get together in Reception, start 10km Trail Run
  • 10:30 – Breakfast (Atlantico Restaurant – all changed into MTB clothing)
  • 11:00 – Start MTB (bring snacks & drinks)
  • 13:00 – Lunch stop (packed lunch, 30 mins max.)
  • 18:00 – Gerard Hartmann Practical Session – the benefits of stretching (Graduates in Sports kit)
  • 19:00 – Pasta Party (El Lago)

Saturday 9th Nov –

  • 06:00 – Breakfast (Atlantico Restaurant)
  • 07:30 – Marathon (route will be a mixture of road and off-road)
  • 15:00 – Gerard Hartmann Practical Session
  • 16:00 -Post-event BBQ

Sunday 10th Nov –

  • 07:30 – Breakfast (Atlantico Restaurant)
  • 09:00 – MTB
  • 17:00 – Gerard Hartmann Practical Session – Benefits of Core Stability (Graduates in Sports kit)
  • 19:00 – Namibia Trip Overview – What to expect and Weekend Summary and Q&A
  • 20:00 – Dinner (El Lago)
  • 21:30 – IN NAM ’19 Film Premier

Monday 11th Nov –

  • 07:00 – MTB
  • 09:00 – Breakfast (Atlantico Restaurant)
  • 12:30 – Departure for Airport

Rooming List:  7th – 11th November

Club La Santa, Lanzarote

  • Sophia Nanu, Nathalie De Laet and Lisa Wiedenhaus
  • Scott Kenny, Robbie Cochrane and Robbie Lang
  • Ruaridh McDonald, Richard Campbell and John James
  • Maximilian Schillings, Jonathon Beck and Mathieu Lonnoy
  • Marietta Harzheim, Inga Borgmann and Emily Carson
  • Felix Klotter, Kyle Myserson and Ian Clements
  • Jacob Dossett, Ivan Oprins and Koen De Ceom
  • David Marsh, Christian East and Brett Roberts
  • Claire Black, Amy Heinen and Awo Kings-Hans
  • Abigail Longhurst, Deborah Desiree Schmitz and Clemence Delmotte
  • Lenn Uytterhoeven, Damian Kurprik and Campbell McFadden
  • Ross Martin, Steven De Tender and Nick Talbert

Bike measurements, Bike Numbers and allocated groups

All groups are made up of graduates with different fitness abilities. This was chosen based on the submitted fitness ranges. Team leaders will rotate amongst groups throughout the weekend. Please remember your bike number, as this will help identify which bike is yours throughout the weekend.

Team Springbok – John Mayock

Name Bike Measurement Bike Number


 Team Jackal – Phill Steffny

Name Bike Measurement Bike Number


Team Rhino – 

Name Bike Measurement Bike Number


Team Oryx – 

Name Bike Measurement Bike Number


Project Team

John Mayock 178cm 33
Phill Steffny 162cm

No upcoming events