Advice from previous survivors


  • Do it, regardless of your fitness levels do it!!
  • Staying positive … is the most important aspect of this programme. Don’t pass up on this amazing opportunity. You will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did
  • Start training as soon as possible. Train on different terrains, not all on roads. And enjoy the experience, it’s an amazing journey!
  • Include training on MBT in rough terrains, and hill walking with a heavy rucksack in your preparation plan. 
  • Prepare, prepare, prepare! Even if you think you are prepared, prepare more…
  • When the training is tough and you want to give up, push through it – it is so worth it when you get to Namibia.
  • Don’t underestimate it, this is a serious challenge. The more prepared you are the more you will enjoy it. Start training early.
  • Get in touch with a good physio to help with your recovery and injury prevention – it may be the best money you have ever spent.
  • Don’t forget to get in contact with the Ambassadors – they are here to help you on your journey to Namibia.